This tour is for someone who longs for something out of the ordinary. Several motorcycle magazines have ranked this road as one of the most spectacular roads on earth!

This tour is for someone who longs for something out of the ordinary. On this tour we drive through lush valleys, along cascading rivers and across enormous mountain passes. We encounter the life of nomads on the Tibetan plateau and get to experience the silence and wilderness as far away from civilization as possible. When we have reached the end of the tour, we will have crossed the Himalayan mountain chain on two wheels and driven across the world’s highest drivable pass that is 300 meters higher than the Mt. Everest Base Camp (Khardung La 5606 MAMSL).

DATES August 28th – September 14th 2024 (fully booked)

August 27th – September 13th 2024 (available)

August 27th – September 13th 2025

PRICE  Euro 5 700
Flights to and from Delhi (round-trip), economy class, all taxes included. (from Europe)

Accommodaion at good hotels in double rooms where available, camping in the mountains.

Full borad, breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

Inner-line permit to Khardung La and Nubra Valley.

Entrance fees to attractions and sightseeing.

Motorcycle: Royal Enfield Bullet 500, including a mechanic and a support vehicle.

All fuel.

Night train Delhi – Kalka (round-trip).

“Toy train” Kalka-Shimla

Flight from Leh to Delhi

Local transport: taxi, motorcycle taxi (autorickshaw), bike taxi (sykkelrickshaw).

English speaking tour guides.

Visa Tip
Beverages Personal expenses
EQUIPMENT Your own helmet, clothing equipment and rainwear. Read more at Practical information

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Les mer om turen i dag for dag programmet

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Departure from Europe


Arrival in Delhi, sightseeing in Delhi

The first day in India will be spent on exploring the metropolis: Delhi. It is an exciting city with both old and new, ravishing organized streets and bazar areas, swarming with people, rickshaws, and cows. We visit Karol Bagh, which is Delhi’s motorcycle hub. Almost everything concerning motorcycles can be arranged here. 

Delhi – Kalka - Shimla (2205 MAMSL)

India We embark on a train trip in India. The train station in Delhi itself is an experience. It crawls with all different types of Indian people. Some people sleep and others are cleaning themselves on the platforms. With the train we travel north to a place called Kalka, lying at the foot of the Himalayas. Here we change to another smaller train that takes us up to the old and rustic mountain village, Shimla. The train ride up to Shimla can be found in the Guinness Book of Records, where it has been awarded as the steepest train tracks in the world. It is considered as a real classic. It is very soothing to leave the Indian plains and slowly climb up and along the edges of the Himalayan valleys. Shimla was the British Imperium’s summer city during the British reign. It is the place where we will make acquaintance with our Royal Enfield’s. These are the two-wheeled vehicles that will transport us the coming days on “The World’s Highest Motorcycle Tour”.

Shimla - Sarahan (124 km. The start of the tour).

We drive through an undiscovered and astonishing part of Himachal Pradesh. The road twists and turns through apple orchards and forested mountainsides. This is where we will encounter the first precipitous, thin, and curvy motorcycle road. The road is hardly trafficked and it has a great view from the peak village, Sarahan! Here we visit the Bhimakali Temple. The temple is built out of wood and stone and famous for its many legends.

Sarahan - Sangla (2700 MAMSL) (140 km)

 Our journey from Sarahan to Sangla is challenging enough due to the extreme roads containing some of the most bizarre drop-offs on the tour. This is the entrance to the Kinnauri district. In Sangla you will witness the impressive Kamru Fort. This valley is also known as Baspa Valley, one of the most beautiful valleys in the district, abundant in Kinnauri architecture. We also have the possibility visit the village Chitkul and Rackchham, both of which offer outstanding nature and architecture. We end the eventful day around a campfire under the starry sky.

Sangla – Kalpa (2960 MAMSL)(49 km)

 We drive our iron horses to Recongpeo, the headquarters of the Kinnauri district. This place offers an exceptional view of the mountain Kinner Kailash. We spend the night in Kalpa at a hotel. 

Kalpa – Tabo (3280 MAMSL) (167 km)

India We travel into an area that requires special permission. A travel guide takes care of this. This is a lovely route that takes us via Khab, a place where the Sutlej River enters India and becomes a part of the Spiti River. We ascend quickly and travel higher and higher above the Spiti River until we reach the village Nako. Nako is known to be one the most charming villages in the area due to its fantastic view. There is also a Buddhist monastery complex just north of the village that belongs to the Drugpa sect in Tibetan Buddhism. We continue to climb another steep road that takes us through several villages before we reach the Tabo village. The Tabo monastery was founded 996 A.D. and was often called “The Ajanta of the Himalayas” because of the many caves you find here. We explore the village and monastery.

Tabo - Kaza (3800 MAMSL) (140 km)

Before breakfast we begin our trip to Dhankar. Dhankar is the old capital in Spiti. Here you will find a temple high up on the barren and rocky mountain side. There is also another very interesting Buddhist monastery to visit in Lalung. We will reach the Pin-valley during the afternoon. The Pin-valley is known for its national park, home to snow leopards and ibex. The most important place for the Nyingmapa Buddhists in Spiti Valley is the Kungri Gompa temple. We spend the night in Kaza.

Kaza – Chandratal (4300 MAMSL) (120 km)

India The following route carves through multiple villages in the Spiti Valley and the last village in the area is Losar. The road continues to lift us up to the Kunzum mountain pass at 4700 meters. This pass offers an extraordinary panoramic view of the snow covered mountains, dotted with colorful prayer flags. After we’ve crossed the pass, we will exit the road and start following some mule tracks into the mountains. The path to the Moon Lake (Chandratal) is an experience in itself and something one cannot miss out on. Once we arrive at the green and lush oasis, that has one of the highest situated lakes in the world, we will spend the night in tents. The starry sky in the thin and crisp air, without any light pollution, is quite the experience.

Chandratal - Jispa (3500MAMSL) (150 km)

The road, or more correctly so, the lack of road during today’s leg, offers several enjoyable and interesting challenges in the likes of passing both rivers and boulders. We drive out of the stunning Spiti Valley with its rugged peaks, across green hillsides and into a luxuriant valley where the glaciers throne up on our left side. We will stop in Tandi to refuel our bikes. This petrol station will be the last one before we cross the 400 km long Tibetan plateau. The pleasure of having a nice shower and a solid dinner at the hotel in Jispa, lying at the Bhaga river bed, is delightful after such a long day of driving.

Jispa - Sarchu (4253 MAMSL) via Baralacha La (4918 MAMSL) (82 km)

There is mainly a dirt road (under construction, asphalting) after Jispa. We stop for a police control in Darcha that lies at the Bhaga river bed. Darcha is the last accommodation that only consists of a couple of parachute tents. We cross the river and start the climb. We pass Zing Zing Bar (4067 m) and Baralacha La (4918 m) and at this point we are 110 meter above Mount Blanc in altitude. There is no vegetation here and the landscape consists of brown patches of dirt, varying in color due to the sunlight. The nature is bizarre! We reach the camping site during the afternoon where we have a chef waiting to prepare a nice meal for us.

Sarchu - Tsokar (4420 MAMSL) via Nukeela (4800 MAMSL) og Lachulung La (4900 MAMSL) (140 km)

 It feels like the road is from a magical scene with marbled mountains that rise up from the Yamu River, encircled by small lakes and ponds. We continue toward Whisky Nalah (4802 m), Pang (4522 m), and over Lachulung La (5077 m). When we’ve passed the hairpin turns and reached the top, we congratulate each other with the first pass above 5000 meters! From now on, the road descends. We drive off the main road and spend the night by the Tso-Kar Lake. The Tsokar Lake is surrounded by tall white-capped peaks that are reflected in the water. The water changes color during the day because of the varying sunlight and it leads to a very pleasant sight.

Tsokar - Leh (3505 MAMSL) via Tanglang La (5328 m) (200 km)

Today we drive back to the main road and drive on nice asphalt roads over the world’s second highest pass, Tangland La, on 5328 m. It is an amazing view from the top! Our journey continues downward on the other side on curvy roads. After a coffee break on the countryside, we continue to drive through beautiful valleys and roaring rivers to the region’s capital city Leh. A great hotel and a hot shower is waiting for you!

A day off in Let and visits to mona steries

The people in Leh are kind and their facial features are more like the Chinese than the typical Indians. There are plenty of small and cozy restaurants that serve exquisite Tibetan dishes. We use this day to visit monasteries and to simply explore this exciting village. There are several different stores that sell locally produced products in the likes of carpets, leather clothes and jewelry. 

Leh – Wari La (5312 m) - Nubra Valley (160 km

Verdens høyeste MC-turThe sensation that flows through you when you realize that you’re heading toward the world’s highest drivable mountain pass, is one of a kind. The altitude of this pass is about 5606 meters above measured sea level, i.e. higher than the Mount Everest Base Camp. It makes you wonder how it will look like up there, if there will be any difficulty breathing, and if the bike will experience any problems along the road. After about an hour drive we need to stop at a checkpoint where we’ll need permission to travel any further. After this point we begin to feel the effect of the altitude. The narrow dirt road takes us higher and higher, and sometimes along the path, we encounter a truck that passes us slowly. After a while, the glaciers will stretch out toward the road and we’ll have to pass through multiple creeks before we reach the top. At the very top, at 5606 MAMSL, we have an inexplicable view in all directions. If we look toward the north, we will be able to see China. The mountain peaks are about 7-8000 meters tall. Some soldiers are located here and there, to guard the pass. All of them well acclimatized to the height unlike us, who just arrived from Leh. The height affects us and our legs start to feel a bit weak and shaky. But the view, the bright light and the feeling of standing on the top of the world literally takes your breath away! We drive across the pass and down into Nubra Valley where we spend the night.

Nubra Valley – Leh (Last day on the motorcycle) 95 km

Verdens høyeste MC-turWe will use the time we have at noon to ride some rare Bactrian camels in the dunes and enjoy the beauty of the valley, before we head back across Khardung La toward Leh.

Leh - Delhi (flight). Sightseeing oand a final dinner.

We fly from Leh to Delhi, and on a clear day we’re able to see K2 in the west. The trip ends with sightseeing, shopping, and a celebratory dinner in Delhi before we fly home with a mountain of experiences!

Arrival Europe

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Les mer om turen i dag for dag programmet

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Tour Reviews

December 15, 2015

En godt organisert reise, hvor vi som deltakere følte den tryggheten som turlederne formidlet.
God kunnskap fra turlederne om turen, landet og kulturen.
Fantastisk naturopplevelse.
// John Finsberg, Oslo

July 13, 2016

En voldsom opplevelse av storslagen natur i stor høyde.
Alt føltes overraskende trygt enten det var kaoset i Dehli eller “Flåklypaveier”.
Vi gledet oss til hver kjøredag. Synes også at det var helt greit med to uker i “vegetarland”.

September 6, 2016

Godt tilrettelagt opplevelsestur!
Reiste til India for første gang, med mål om å se litt av landet/kulturen, mektige fjell og kjøre MC. Alle mål innfridd !
Artig å se både rester av britisk kultur, forskjellige religioner og nærhet til Kina-Tibet/Pakistan.

November 11, 2016

Et minne for livet!
Følelse av mestring både kjøre teknisk, fysisk og psykisk.
En utrolig naturopplevelse!
Flott gjeng.
/Sigmund Aunan, Oslo

January 2, 2017

Et vell av opplevelser for alle sanser!! Et godt kameratskap og samhold i gruppen. Dyktige reiseledere og mekanikere som taklet utfordringer på en glimrende måte, og gjorde sitt beste for at turen skulle bli en fantastisk opplevelse for alle!

January 4, 2017

Jeg kunne bare fortsatt å fortelle om fantastiske veier, fjell, folk, innsjøer og nye spennende opplevelser hver dag. Over hvert pass, bak hver sving, over de tibetanske høyslettene, gjennom landsbyene, har det ventet nye overraskelser. Det har vært spennende, utfordrende, morsomt, imponerende og interessant.

October 14, 2017

Til tross for min totale mangel på motorsykkel erfaring har jeg fullført Sri Lanka og Verden’s høyeste MC i 2017. Kan ikke få nok av de spektaktulære naturopplevelsene og de andre pluss opplevelsene som gruppene bidro med. Det eneste Indian Adventure ikke har kontroll på er været!

September 5, 2018

Kuleste turen jeg har vært på noensinne!
Prikkfritt arrangement av Indian. En kamerat spurte hva som var høydepunktet på turen…Hver dag er svaret!
Himalaya er ubeskrivelig og det er faktisk turen også. Kan egentlig ikke få fullrost både selve turen og Indian Adventure nok. Dette var en tur jeg kommer til å gnåle om resten av livet! Fantastisk!!! Har du litt MC erfaring og er ute etter et ekte eventyr..Ikke nøl!

February 16, 2019

Det har gått 6 mnd. siden jeg var med på verdens høyeste.
August 2018. Tenker på denne fantastiske turen hver dag. Prikkfritt opplegg fra IA. Veldig bra Indiske samsrbeidspartnere. Med tanke på all logistikk og forberedelser som skal til for å få en slik spektakulær tur vellykket, et det bare enestående.
Og hver eneste dag var et høydepunkt!
Anbefales på det varmeste!

October 6, 2019

Helt underbar tur med grymt duktiga reseledare. Funderar på om jag kan nämna någon speciell höjdpunkt, men det går inte. Varje dag var en ny samling med höjdare. Min första tur med I-A men inte den sista. Tvekade länge innan jag åkte men inte ångrat en sekund av detta. Älskar er hela gruppen som var med och hoppas att ni mår bäst. Va rädda om er på vägarna och kör snyggt. Kram från svensken.

December 21, 2019

Noen reiser setter varige spor i sjelen din, og denne reisen ble definitivt en av disse. Fra du lander i Delhi, og kjenner varmen, luktene og lydene slå imot deg, forstår du at dette blir intenst. Med dyktige ledere og militær presisjon ble vi loset igjennom nesten tre uker med non-stop opplevelser i en spennende kultur og et fantastisk landskap. Med stødige Royal Enfielder ble hver dag et nytt høydepunkt på turen.
Takk til Indian Adventures og mine turvenner, for en fantastisk tur, og minner for livet!

September 20, 2023

Dette var veldig mye opplevelse, vanskelig å dra frem enkelte ting.
Luksus å ha en velorganisert tur hvor alt er i orden til enhver tid, så vi kunne bare konsentrere oss om opplevelsene.

September 30, 2023

Veldig spenene tur med masse fin natur. Veldig flinke og dyktige guider og mekanikere. Anbefales på de sterkeste, opplevelse for livet.

November 12, 2023

Strålende tur. Fantastisk natur, gode reiseledere som var akkurat passe balanse mellom profesjonell og avslappet. Virkelig et eventyr å anbefale videre.

September 22, 2023

SÅ underbart vackert Himalaya är i verkligheten! Reseledarna, Frank och ”Felix” (Willy) anpassade stoppen så att även vi tjejer kunde få ”pink-paus”. Spännande att få köra så mycket ”grus” (som var både sand, stenar, lera och stenkross) mellan de små partierna av asfalt. Jag rekommenderar starkt denna resa som verkligen blir ett minne för resten av livet.

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