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Join us for a kayaking holiday exploring the beautiful canals of the state of Kerala in southern India! The “backwaters” consist of a network of small canals, lagoons and lakes that extend inland from the Arabian Sea. We will paddle along palm-lined waterways and experience everyday life by the water, where the local people fish, farm and transport everything under the sun. Quietly gliding along in the kayak and seeing the colourful bird life along with rubber trees, pineapple plants and banana trees at arm’s length is an idyllic experience. Our overnight accommodation will mostly be in cosy homestays along the canals.

In addition to the “Backwaters”, Kerala is also known for its mountainous areas consisting of lush green hills and tea plantations. After paddling for a few days, we will be taken by car up to the mountain village of Munnar and stay in a bungalow in the middle of a tea plantation for two nights. Here we will learn about how tea is made and for those who wish to, there will be the opportunity to go for a walk or a cycle ride in the beautiful surroundings. The trip then ends with a few quiet days on the Malabar coast with its endless beaches.

DATES 4th March- 16th March 2024


PRICE  GBP 3600  (if air tickets to India are arranged yourself, GBP 2800)
Return flight Europe – Kochi (India)

Accommodation in good hotels, in shared double rooms

Full board: breakfast, lunch and dinner every day

Transport between airport and hotel, plus to the village of Munnar and beach hotel

Motorboat to transport luggage

Good quality, easy-to-use kayaks, paddle, lifejacket

Water and refreshments while paddling

Cost of entrance to tourist attractions and other activities included in the itinerary

Local Indian kayaking guide

English-speaking Norwegian tour guides

Visa for India



Pocket money

Travel insurance


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Day 1

Depart from your airport in Europe.

Day 2

Arrival in Cochin in Southern India. The state of Kerala is often called “God’s own country”, and you will soon understand why. The environment is beautiful and the people are friendly and hospitable. We will drive to our hotel which is located on the peninsula of Fort Cochin. On this day we will take it easy and look around the area a bit. Fort Cochin has a rich history and is known for both Dutch, Portuguese and British colonial architecture. The area is also famous for its cantilevered “Chinese fishing nets”; structures made from teak wood, bamboo poles and large nets that are lowered into the water to catch fish.
We will have dinner at the hotel, then go through the itinerary for our trip plus the details for tomorrow’s paddling.

Day 3: Cochin

After breakfast, our paddling will begin. We will glide out into a lush green canal system surrounded by mangrove forests, rice fields and coconut trees. The area is a hub for fresh mountain water from the Peryar River and seawater from the Arabian Sea, creating a unique ecosystem that also provides a home for a variety of bird and fish species. After a nice lunch at a homestay along the canal, we will paddle on to some small villages by the water’s edge. Along the way you will see several “Chinese fishing nets” and the local fishermen at work, bringing in the day’s catch. In the afternoon we will return to the hotel at Fort Cochin and enjoy a delicious dinner.

Day 4: Chembakulam

Allepey, Kerala, India

After breakfast we will be driven by car to Alapey backwaters where we will be paddling for the next few days. The drive takes a few hours and en route you will get to experience the bustle of everyday life that India is so famous for. The kayaks will have already been transported up to the canal we will start paddling from, and once the luggage has been put in an accompanying motorboat we will be ready for today’s adventure! The canals are wide in some places, narrow in others, but everywhere they are surrounded by palm trees. We will paddle past small, quiet country villages where we will see smiling children on their way to school, farmers at work out in the paddy fields and colourful chirping birds. On the canals we will meet carved wooden canoes filled with bananas, pineapples, rice, fish, livestock and everything you can possibly imagine. Today we will have a picnic lunch en route and then continue on to a small, cosy, family-owned homestay located right on the water’s edge. In the evening there will be the opportunity to either take a little evening paddling trip in the kayak or go for a walk in the area.


Day 5: Pulinkunnu

Today we will paddle through the narrow canals of Pulinkunnu to a small island called Kavalam that was once a headquarters for wealthy farming families. The majestic houses there, often made of teak trees, testify to their former heyday. In this area, we will see village life at close quarters, where local people work in farming, fishing, duck-breeding and collecting shells. You will also see traditional “toddy collectors” tapping palm juice from the coconut palms. Toddy shops are the local “bars” and are the traditional meeting place for men after a long day at work. We will then paddle on until we arrive at a beautiful old wooden mansion located on the waterfront, which will be our home for two nights. Here we will eat a delicious Kuttanadan-style lunch. After a rest, those who wish to will be able to paddle a little more and explore other beautiful canals. Later in the evening there will be the opportunity go to a nearby market and enjoy the tranquility of a country village deep inside the “backwaters”.

Day 6: Pulinkunnu

After breakfast we will paddle out into the quiet, beautiful “backwaters”. During the morning we will take a short break at a local tea shop or a waterside spice garden. We will have a nice picnic lunch at Lake Vattakayal, then afterwards our paddling will continue along small canals to the mansion we will be staying in. In the evening we will be able to take our motorboat to an old church, St. Maria Basilica, which dates from the year 497 AD. It is always a pleasant experience to just sit and observe everything around the canals while the boat glides through the water. You will also have the opportunity to take photographs and film if you wish. We will then have dinner together at the mansion. 

Day 7: Punnamanda

After a good breakfast we will set off for our final day of kayaking. We will continue to enjoy the beautiful environment of the “backwaters”; areas which many famous travel magazines place at the top of their “must visit” lists. Our last evening in this area will end at a beautiful, historic resort located on the waterfront, where we will also eat dinner. 

Day 8: Munnar

After breakfast, we will say goodbye to the “backwaters” and set off for Munnar, a small village with stunning views on the mountains of South India. On the way there we will drive through palm forests that after a while change into hilly green tea plantations and lead up to Munnar, which is located at 1600m above sea level. Up here we will escape the heat in the lowlands; the temperature here is similar to that of a nice summer day in Norway. The highest mountain peak in South India, Anamudi, is also nearby, at 2695m above sea level. When we arrive, we will be given a guided tour of the tea plantation with information about daily life there.
Our dinner and overnight stay will be in a cosy old bungalow in the middle of the tea plantation.

Day 9

We will wake up to a comfortable temperature and an incredible view of winding paths towards the tea plantation and amazing flora and fauna. The bird life here attracts many ornithologists from all over the world. After breakfast we will go to the town of Munnar and visit a tea museum where we will learn about how tea is produced and some of the history of this mountain village. Afterwards we will be able to take a walk in the bazaar area or maybe even through the plantation. Mountain bikes will also be available for those eager to cycle around on narrow trails among bright green hills overlooking the beautiful landscape of South India. In the evening we will have dinner and relax at the hotel. 

Day 10 and 11: Mararikulam

A trip to Kerala is not complete without visiting the spectacular beaches that can be found here. We will spend the next two nights at Marari Beach where we will pretty much have the beach to ourselves. The beaches here stretch for several miles in both directions and from under the palm trees in the morning you will see fishermen with their boats pulling up their nets with the night’s catch. In addition to taking it easy on the beach under a palm tree, there will be the opportunity to go for a walk in the nearby countryside or rent a bike and experience the surrounding area on your own. There is little traffic here; one can walk or cycle freely through the small villages and palm forests.  

Day 12: Marari Beach via Kochi to the airport and return journey.

During the morning/afternoon (depending on our flight departure time) we will travel to the airport, taking with us a host of wonderful memories. Thank you for travelling with us!  

Day 13: Arrival in Norway.

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