When you desire to experience something beyond a motorcycle tour in the Alps. Join us on a motorcycle tour to Himalaya, Bhutan, or Sri Lanka. Experience the best of Nepal and ride motorbike as close to Mount Everest as possible!

The World’s Highest Motorcycle Tour

This tour is for someone who longs for something out of the ordinary.
Motorcycle adventures in NepalMotorcycle adventures in Nepal

Mount Everest view tour on motorcycle

See Mount Everest from your motorcycle in the exotic Nepal
15 days

The Kingdom of Bhutan on motorcycle

Drive on a KTM in the kingdom of Bhutan
Motorbike tours to Sri Lanka

The best of Sri Lanka on a motorcycle

Sri Lanka is so unique! Tea plats, high mountain tops, old villages, wild
See the best of Himalaya on a motorbike

The best of Himalaya on a motorcycle

It is a pleasure to drive on a motorbike here. From our seats,
15 days