More and more people wish to extend their horizon above the Scandinavian countries and to combine their passion for motorbiking with fantastic nature beyond the established tourist destinations. An adventure vacation that challenges you and gives you permanent memories is what attracts people. To be able to do this together with like-minded people is what Indian Adventures strive to provide.

Indian Adventures was founded when Knut de Presno and Jim Lindquist were on a motorbike tour on high altitude in the Himalayas, autumn 2006. The idea of Indian Adventures was born. The idea to share these adventures and experiences with others. Indian Adventures was founded with a vision to give other motorcyclists the most exciting and eventful moment in life.

Founders of Indian Adventures

Knut de Presno is 51 years old and has lived together with his family for almost 8 years in India. During these years he traveled across the country and knows India and the surrounding countries very well. He is a qualified nurse and focuses on the clients’ well-being and making sure they feel safe.

Knut de Presno

Knut has been the leader of medical teams with doctors and nurses where the natural disasters have taken place in the last couple of years, for example, the earthquake in Pakistan and Haiti, the tsunami, and the hurricane on the Philippines.

Knut has lead many of our tours and has been the leader of many tours in India, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan. He also follows up on Indian Adventure’s humanity work which for example helps a children school in the poor areas of Delhi.

Jim Lindquist is born 1966 and lives in Halden. He is a qualified lecturer in mechanical engineering and has a Masters degree in organisation and management. Jim has lived and worked at Kathmandu University in Nepal with a project that combined lecture with the building of schools on the countryside after the earthquake 2015. He has made many of our tours and has for many years been a leader of our tours in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and China.

Jim LindquistJim is an experienced motorcyclist and has previously been an activity leader for motocross and enduro. Things he likes to do, except for motorbikes, is to travel, diving and photography. He says that half of the excitement about a trip is to plan the trip. Jim likes to write and as a freelance journalist, he has written several articles that are published in different motorbike magazines.

Our tour guides

Indian Adventures has slowly but steadily grown with new tours year by year. In line with the progress, new tour guides have been trained. Today all of our tour guides have lots of experience with leading groups in the countries we travel in, in addition to the Indian Adventure’s tour guide training.

We are proud to have these on our tour leader team:


Jonny Lilleenget Jonny Lilleenget

Jonny is an engineer with a military background and has a long experience with motorbiking. On an everyday-basis, he drives a BMW R1200 GS. Jonny is a mountain climber and our hiking leader on our hiking tour in Nepal and a leader of our motorbike tours in India and Bhutan.

Joel LindquistJoel Lindquist

Joel is working every day at Alf Graarud motor as responsible for the cross- and enduro-bikes. Year 2014 he drove all over India alone on a Royal Enfield. He has experience with leading gravel road tours in Norway and has led many of our tours in Himalaya, India and he also has experience for Nepal.

Willy MyhreWilly Myhre

Willy has long and diverse experience as a motorcyclist and works daily as a military engineer. Willy has served in Asia and has been our tour leader on both of our tours in India.

Frank Røise Frank Røise

Frank has long and diverse experience with motorbiking from, for example, Iceland. Frank has a bachelor in engineering and has lived and worked in Oman and UAE. He is a team leader on both of our tours in India.

Ulf Ristebråten Ulf Ristebråten

Ulf has a long experience as a motorcyclist. He has worked within the Information Technology industry in 25 years, is a founder and today he is “half-retired” and an adventurer. He has been on most of our tours and has experience from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Bhutan.

Anders DhileAnders Dhile

Anders is a dedicated BMW-lover and has experience as a motorcyclist both domestic abroad. He is, for example, a tour guide at Touratechs Adventure Days in Sävsen. Anders has, in addition to the long experience of motorbiking in Africa, also been driving in India and Sri Lanka.



Members of Reisegarantifondet

We are members of Reisegarantifondet. That means that you are secured if we or our collaboration partner would go bankrupt while you are on your trip, or before departure.

Contact us


We would love to talk motorbike tours with you! Here are our contact details and company information:

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Tel.: 480 22 335
Email: 911 810 743

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